Extra, Extra Read All About It!
Extra, Extra Read All About It!

Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • We have a big story tonight, coming out of NH! oldog learns NEW trick. And they said it couldn't be done! (19%)
  • after a 30 year study of breathing izzy has determined that breathing oxygen is linked to staying alive. (16%)
  • a full life of ups and downs you got to have the bad times to appriciate the good times (9%)
  • Aliens living amongst us (9%)
  • Parent sues grown children for mis-behaviour (9%)
  • The Ups and Downs of an Ordinary Human. (6%)
  • Heart on fire finally extinguished. (6%)
  • Do You Do Any of These Ten Embarrassing Things? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. (3%)
  • Mm discovers Roku says it's better than Freeview or normal TV (3%)
  • The life and times of Lil Red, a blondes story (3%)
  • Story of my life Crazy (3%)
  • tunnel of despair and darkness (3%)
  • Lover of Darkness almost steps on 6 foot rattle snake, kills snake and keeps the rattle as a souvenir. (3%)
  • Tragedies Strike: Little Girl Forgotten and Lost, To Hell and Back, Lives to Tell Her Story. (3%)
  • SAVED from an ELECTRICAL DEATH by the MIRACLE of UNSEEN HANDS- Feb 1993 (3%)
Votes: 32
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