My Grocery Bill Was So High
My Grocery Bill Was So High

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..I thought my kids had moved home. (31%)
  • needed a parachute (15%)
  • ..I got a nose-bleed. (8%)
  • ..I had to take a second mortgage out on my house Groceries (8%)
  • ..I started shopping on Wednesdays to get the Senior discount of 20% (8%)
  • ..due to rising gas prices, increased imports from China, heavy Midwest crop damage, disease-laden farm animals and fish, etc, etc, etc... aren't we all (8%)
  • ..That when I won the 100th costumer I had to pay with the prize money. (4%)
  • ..I locked up my stash. (4%)
  • ..I had to put half of it back (4%)
  • ..I decided to grow my own food with that money I was supposed to pay. (4%)
  • ..Retirement went out the door. (4%)
  • ..I thought I had just filled up my car at the gas station. (4%)
  • ..I have to go by Armored Car (0%)
  • felt like a low blow. (0%)
  • had to go through withdrawals! (0%)
Votes: 26
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