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  • 4. I, Jools am something of a triviologist and I collect somewhat pointless facts from my quest for knowledge (36%)
  • 1. MM David littlefair XI is definitely a Horrorfanologist just look at his profile Horrorfanologist- One who collects horror memorabilia (27%)
  • 3. I fatdaddy seem to be a snottatist as well as a numismatist. Snottatist: You could glean the definition of that word simply by viewing my trash can full of used facial tissues. (27%)
  • 2.It seems as though with the Deltiologist, the Philatelist, the Numismatist, the Turnicologist was totally on the Numismatist side due to the winning of his collection. Turnicologist means the main person to set up Tournaments in GoldToken. (9%)
Votes: 11
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