My Neighbor Told Me I Really Should
My Neighbor Told Me I Really Should

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..start burying the dead bodies in her backyard as mine is getting full. (17%)
  • ..Get my covid shot, which btw I did Smiling (14%)
  • ..Close my bedroom curtains at night. Frightened (14%)
  • ..Just shut up! (10%)
  • ..mow the lawn. Kind o' hard from the 9th floor (7%)
  • ..Check the Property line, isn't where I thought it was by installing my new Garage (7%)
  • ..Stop that singing, you get the dogs howling, and you frighten the kids. 😳 (7%)
  • ..Open the curtains when I shower (7%)
  • ..Have a shave. Since I now look like a werewolf. (3%)
  • ..stop peeping into her windows. I guess I'll have to move that Dracula poster. (3%)
  • ..Close my blinds when I dress (3%)
  • ..Stop making those smells coming out of your house.. Told him he can knock on my door and I'll give him a plate of food anytime. (3%)
  • ..not tell him to mind his "own business". (3%)
  • ..close the curtains when I take a shower. (0%)
  • ..Continue playing my Music so loud that his teeth rattle til the next day. Keeps the bug count down (0%)
  • I did! (0%)
Votes: 29
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