I Don't Always Go the Extra Mile
I Don't Always Go the Extra Mile

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..but I love to give an extra smile. Smiling (14%)
  • ..but when I do, I missed my exit. (14%)
  • ..But only because I use the metric system. (10%)
  • ..my legs are too tired! (10%)
  • ..because I'm not always given that inch (10%)
  • ..but when I do I have a Dos Equis (7%)
  • ..But I sure wish my daughter could go the 800 miles to come visit (7%)
  • ..Which is why my friends donít let me drive. (7%)
  • ..I find going through a short cut is easier. (3%)
  • ..not at these gasoline prices! (3%)
  • ..Of course I do, I work for uber (3%)
  • ..Because I get blisters. (3%)
  • ..but if my friends need me to, I would gladly go that extra mile for them. (3%)
  • ..My feet are smaller than your shoes. (3%)
Votes: 29
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