Uh Oh, Mom's Running the Bath Water
Uh Oh, Mom's Running the Bath Water

Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • Three of a kind: Oven Door, Labrador, Refrigerator Door (13%)
  • Oh boy! It's time for hide and seek. (10%)
  • This is great! She walked past me twice and didn't see me! (10%)
  • They'll never find me here. (8%)
  • Hot Dog !! (8%)
  • If I stand near the fridge long enough someone is bound to give me some food. (5%)
  • Looks like I'm in "Time out" again. (5%)
  • Just wait till that pompous cat walks by Yay (5%)
  • The thunder can't get me here - I hope! (5%)
  • I'm not going for a walk, it's raining. So woof. (5%)
  • I'm between a hot crock and a cold place! (5%)
  • "everybody RUN!!" (5%)
  • Oh this side is HOT and this side is Cold!! I hope they hurry and find me! (3%)
  • She will never find me here... I hope. (3%)
  • I don't know why I ever try to hide here. They always find me. (3%)
  • blending in is rough ! (3%)
  • Peek ya boo u can't find me so there (3%)
  • reverse worked but forward is a problem (3%)
  • I know the gap was small but I needed a dishwasher, he licks them all clean! . (3%)
  • I sneaked into the kitchen, now I wonder if I can get in the icebox: an get away with the goods. (0%)
Votes: 40
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