You Know It's a Dog Day Afternoon When
You Know It's a Dog Day Afternoon When

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..Everyone around you has gone barking mad. (23%)
  • ..Al Pacino and John Cazale walk into your bank (13%)
  • ..When I see my dog on a float in the pool (13%)
  • ..when even the thought of going outside makes you sweat (13%)
  •'s June, July, or August in Arizona. (6%)
  • ..When you step into a poodle 🐩 (6%)
  • ..someone explains what a Dog Day Afternoon is Puzzled (6%)
  • ..the cats play (3%)
  • ..When it does not rain cats and dogs but puppies and kittens (3%)
  • ..when you get the text message that the town is under a boil water order. (3%)
  • ..Stevie says that he can't make it. (3%)
  • ..You see kids playing outside........internet down again (3%)
  • ..if it's Wiggling, it's a good sign (3%)
  • ..The birds poohed all over your car! (0%)
  • ..There a nest of baby birds in carport (0%)
Votes: 31
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