I Only Work Here
I Only Work Here

Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • I'm paid to work not to think. (14%)
  • They are right when the say not to overstack! (11%)
  • earthquake (8%)
  • Fred lost the game of Jenga, so it's his turn to clean it up. (8%)
  • Godzilla Rodan mothra and King Ghidorah all came in for a fight. (5%)
  • I lost my wallet! (5%)
  • Whoever you find under that pile should know. (5%)
  • I was trying to get away from that SPIDER!! (5%)
  • I call it 'Warehouse Afterhours'. My best sculpture ever! (5%)
  • I don't know boss I wasn't looking!! (3%)
  • Sorry, Boss, just a temporary lapse in adequate stocking procedures. We'll have it corrected soon! (3%)
  • I saw a mouse. (3%)
  • The cat did it, honest. 😸 (3%)
  • Was looking for that box you wanted me to get for you. still have not found it ! (3%)
  • The package the customer needed yesterday was on the bottom of the stack, then that became a domino effect Smiling (3%)
  • A raccoon got in (3%)
  • Someone farted (3%)
  • There was an explosion. And it made a big mess. (3%)
  • Someone hollered "Snake" Thumbs up (3%)
  • I backed my car into it (3%)
  • The Devil made me do it! (3%)
  • didnt u feel the shake (0%)
  • I said that new stacking procedure wouldn't work (0%)
Votes: 37
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