It's Not Shake and Bake
It's Not Shake and Bake

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  •'s perforate the plastic film and microwave on high for 3 and half minutes! (23%)
  • ..but here in the sun it's Peel and Flake. (13%)
  •'s a shop-bought cake. (10%)
  • ..It's wake and bake baby!! (10%)
  •'s shake 'n' vac (10%)
  • ..Then it's Flip and Flop!! (10%)
  • ..Its shaken but not stirred miss Moneypenny. (7%)
  •'s rock and roll! (3%)
  •'s burn and toss (3%)
  • ..It's Shake and Drop (3%)
  • ..It's verb vs's a tie "shucks" (3%)
  • ..and I couldn’t get it open (3%)
  • ..Its definitely Shock and Awe., (0%)
Votes: 30
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