Look, It's Bird, It's a Plane, It's
Look, It's Bird, It's a Plane, It's

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..Oh Phooie, it has to be a bird.. (wiping my face) (19%)
  • ..time to clean my lenses. (15%)
  • ..Super Squirrel! (11%)
  • ..Its the hummingbird token (7%)
  • ..the stained glass window bird, the ladybird, the bluebird, or even the feather would do - as long as I finally win one of the Para tokens! (7%)
  • ..Me when I have had too much cola (4%)
  • ..Wow that's a rare sight these days a plane leave that plane in the wood work room after you carved the owl on top of goldtoken 🏇 horse 🐎 (4%)
  • ..Superman! No wait Ö (4%)
  • ..Rocket J. Squirrel! Where's Bullwinkle?? (4%)
  • ..super izzy! (4%)
  • ..Jools in his spaceship (4%)
  • ..Is that what I think...yep, flying monkeys alright. 🐒🐒 (4%)
  • ..It's Smaug!! Scream RUN!!! (4%)
  • ..Lois Lane.....but how??? (4%)
  • ..A flying pig - oh wait - a bunch of flying pigs (4%)
  • ..an unmanned Drone coming our way! (4%)
  • ..Itís Bird? Is that Larry Bird? Going to French Lick in his jet? (0%)
  • ..It's Cinnamon Toast Man! (0%)
Votes: 27
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