They Know I'm Off My Rocker Because
They Know I'm Off My Rocker Because

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..I reside in The Mental Ward as a regular patient on GT. (23%)
  • ..Because the voices in my head told me so......they know everything (16%)
  • ..I made a big *Thug!*when I hit the floor. (10%)
  • ..I just bought me a LAZYBOY! (10%)
  • ..I was polite to a Tele-marketer! Phone (6%)
  • ..I'm in the bathroom again. (6%)
  • ..they see me riding the merry-go-round (6%)
  • ..I roll when I should be rocking. (6%)
  • ..daddy don't dance and momma don't rock n roll (3%)
  • ..The rocker is still on the front porch while I am out cruisin' in my sports car. (3%)
  • ..Because I'm sane and they normal (3%)
  • ..I can do it with my Eyes closed! (3%)
  • ..I blame all the scratches, dents and missing side mirror on the fact that the car is RED...really wasn't me... (3%)
Votes: 31
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