Story Line
Story Line

Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • The Pillsbury Dough Boy asking for a warm oven (18%)
  • and there stood my spouse I had locked out (15%)
  • Let me in let me in or I will go around the back. It was my friend (9%)
  • stands the deliver guy with my pizza I forgot I ordered. (9%)
  • Kung Fu Panda. (9%)
  • Your Teddy Bears back, and ready to have some fun. (6%)
  • stands one of the apple trees from Oz admonishing you for picking their fruit. (6%)
  • is the plumber, come to fix your tap (6%)
  • Stood a family of squirrels wanting to share your TV since the lightning took out their electricity. (6%)
  • The neighbor next door, asking for a cup of sugar. 😲 (3%)
  • there was the security company testing my alarm! (3%)
  • was the electric company to electrify you (3%)
  • my soaking wet and bedraggled black cat Beau. (3%)
  • The UPS guy with your soaking wet amazon package! (3%)
Votes: 33
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