Life is Like a Bowl of Chili
Life is Like a Bowl of Chili

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..It burns, but you still want more. (21%)
  • ..Spicy in ALL the right ways! (17%)
  • ..Warm and yummy to start, a sense of fullness in the middle, and a pain in the end! (14%)
  • ..heartburn all day long (7%)
  • ..Sometimes the days will be real stinkers. ( beans ) (7%)
  • ..Full of a lot of mixed up and different things! (7%)
  • ..If it's too hot jump in a pool (3%)
  • ..Full of spice (3%)
  • ..Divine but it still burns your ___ in the end. (3%)
  • ..There's a lot of hot and bumpy spots that fire you up (3%)
  • ..just when you think you've had the worst, it comes back to give you another kick. (3%)
  • ..Once in, will come out (3%)
  • ..too hot to handle (3%)
  • ..So' how much Salsa do you want? (3%)
Votes: 29
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