My Boss Told Me I Needed To
My Boss Told Me I Needed To

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..Take charge! So I bought the company and fired him! (20%)
  • ..Have a great day, so I stayed home. (17%)
  • ..stop thinking binge watching Netflix was my job (13%)
  • ..get my Ducks in a row, So I called in and went Hunting. (13%)
  • ..clear my desk - so I shredded everything. (10%)
  • ..either quit or get fired (7%)
  • ..Set up the company's 401k But I don't think I can run that far.. (7%)
  • ..Be early for work. So I arrived at 4 in the morning. (3%)
  • ..Shape up or ship out ... but I hate exercising! (3%)
  • ..Stop looking ln the mirror as I am my own boss (3%)
  • faster, so I left work early. (3%)
Votes: 30
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