which pun is the best?
which pun is the best?

Poll assigned to board: Jest for Puns

  • My 5 yr old son was just imprisoned for skipping naptime He was resisting a rest (33%)
  • Doctor!! I told you, Iíve got fatigue and my heart keeps skipping a beat. Why do you keep calling me a liar!? Doctor: Sir Iíll say it again, thatís A- Fib (28%)
  • What do you call Batman skipping church? Christian Bale (17%)
  • Skipping Dinner is A Big Missed Steak (11%)
  • I used to think skipping to the ends of stories would save time... ...but then I learned to stop jumping to conclusions. (6%)
  • Boyfriend asks if I know why Windows is skipping Windows 9 and coming out with Windows 10 instead... "Because Windows 7 8 9! (6%)
Votes: 18
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