Love Your Enemies
Love Your Enemies

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..make them wonder what your up to! (32%)
  • ..Because if you keep smiling at them they are going to end up being afraid of what's going to happen next.. (13%)
  • ..They might become your best friends, never know (10%)
  • ..But remember keep them closer then your friends (6%)
  • ..once they have fallen at your feet and begged your forgiveness. (6%)
  • ..Been there, Done that, Learned my lessen so no... (6%)
  • ..It will shock the hate out of them! (6%)
  • ..And keep them to a minimum (6%)
  • ..Because without them, life would be too boring! Grinning (3%)
  • ..because you may need them one day! (3%)
  • ..Like some countries change their enemies all the time as leader's have different agendas from the last one in power in their world it's all about influence as changes come around (3%)
  • ..Especially if you are a Spy! (3%)
  • ..They do ha ha I keep 2 my self I don't need friends I have my kids (0%)
Votes: 31
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