And Your Problem Is? Caption Contest
And Your Problem Is? Caption Contest

Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • My master said I can only have one since I'm the designated driver. He's looking over my shoulder right now, isn't he? (17%)
  • "And the humans think THEY need 5 o'clock somewhere?" (12%)
  • The name's Pooch, James Pooch - licenced to chill! (12%)
  • "You forgot my straw and the little umbrella." (7%)
  • Would you like to join me for a cocktail? (7%)
  • These Dirty Martinis make my hair curl! (5%)
  • Hey Pal, I ask you...does this look like a fuzzy naval to you? (5%)
  • "Best Martini bones about it!" (5%)
  • Wait...I ordered a Pink Poodle Smiling (5%)
  • Garcon, straw please. (5%)
  • Now that's what I call "Breakfast of Champions" (5%)
  • "excuse me. I asked for dry Martini. Not hair of dog" (2%)
  • That's not a Shirley Temple. (2%)
  • I asked for shaken, not stirred. (2%)
  • 'Hair of the dog' (2%)
  • Well naturally, it's shaken, not stirred. (2%)
  • “You got the olive, but forgot to salt the rim” (2%)
  • I dont eat or drink green (2%)
  • Dont I look cute with my drink and sitting just so cute (0%)
  • There’s nothing I enjoy more than enjoying a drink with my friends Smiling (0%)
  • No problem at all sir..can I get you another? on the house of course (0%)
Votes: 42
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