If Home is Where the Heart Is
If Home is Where the Heart Is

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..Then where are my other organs (16%)
  • ..Heart is what makes the home (13%)
  • ..Never leave home without it Offering heart (13%)
  • ..where is the rest of the body? (9%)
  • ..then I'm heartsick for you. Offering heart (9%)
  • ..Then my home is where you are (9%)
  • ..I have homes all over the world! (6%)
  • ..Anywhere you're with me is home (6%)
  • ..I'm homesick for you (6%)
  • ..be careful what you eat before bedtime. (Urp!) (3%)
  • ..Then the way into a mans heart is really through his stomach. (3%)
  • ..Sorry about the Mess, but we live here. (3%)
  • ..you wouldn't sleep with all that THUMP THUMP THUMPing! (3%)
Votes: 32
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