Legend Says When You Can't Sleep
Legend Says When You Can't Sleep

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..play on GoldToken! (27%)
  • ..There's a Nap for that (13%)
  • ..you are awake in another one's dream. (7%)
  • ..You're thinking about that hatchet you buried. (7%)
  • ..Get up and eat everything you can find in the dark (7%)
  • ..You just a myth walking in a dream (3%)
  • ..it's because you're awake. (3%)
  • ..ease up on the coffee! (3%)
  • ..nightmares are walking in your dreams (3%)
  • ..count sheep. You will still be very tired but you'll know how many sheep you have. (3%)
  • ..The fae folk are playing in your room. (3%)
  • ..wake up early Smiling (3%)
  • ..drink a cup of hot chocolate (3%)
  • ..there's a pea under your mattress. (3%)
  • ..It's because of all the sheep your counting, and filling up your bedroom, the smell alone would keep you awake. (3%)
  • ..watch the Hallmark channel and you'll be out in five minutes. (3%)
  • ..you've had too much caffeine (3%)
  • ..listen to "Bigger Love". (0%)
Votes: 30
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