Let's Bury the Hachet
Let's Bury the Hachet

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..somewhere other than in my back, please. (21%)
  • ..and forgive one another, life's too short! (18%)
  • ..Somewhere so itís never found. (15%)
  • ..far away from the body (12%)
  • ..and all get along Smiling (9%)
  • ..No way I might need that someday (9%)
  • ..So Lizzie did 40 times until she got it right (6%)
  • ..In some wood for the fire place... aww warmth (3%)
  • ..Its stained with blood. From the guy who beheaded. sorry I am a horror fan (3%)
  • ..Now we just have to decide whether it should be in your chest or mine! (3%)
  • ..and start using guns like everyone else. (3%)
  • ..in your skull. (0%)
Votes: 34
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