Sixains for the New year
Sixains for the New year

Poll assigned to board: Word of the Day

  • 1. Hoping, of course, for world wide health Peace of mind to all But with a mind set hopefully, of lessons learned Of what we should appreciate; that which we have With less derision for others In how we all see the world differently (25%)
  • 2. As we welcome in the New Year, And raise our glasses for a toast; Quickly saying goodbye to the year we're leaving behind, And looking brightly to the year ahead; We hope for less drama and better mental and physical health for all, With more hone (25%)
  • 3. Get vaccinated Put away my masks Hug and touch people Eat out with a large group Invite others inside my home Forgive others who did it too soon (25%)
  • 4. Another fresh New Year is here.. Another year to live... To banish worry, doubt, and fear... To love and share and to forgive.... To bring about a cheer... To pray and hope that this virus will soon disappear... (13%)
  • 5. A new year at last, the dawning of a new chapter. Hope for the future and a return to a new normal. No longer taking public health for granted and celebrating the true heroes of society (13%)
  • 6. There was a young girl named Jemima, Came all the way from China. She loved a Chow Mein, With a bottle of wine, But, when in a hurry, Preferred King Prawn Curry. (0%)
Votes: 8
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