If Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth
If Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..Order pizza Pizza (33%)
  • ..Complaints to the Cook can be hazardous to your health! (7%)
  • ..Kick them out and make it yourself! (7%)
  • ..everything else in the kitchen will be ruined too. (4%)
  • ..But too few cooks don't make enough. (4%)
  • ..make sure you always buy canned soup (4%)
  • ..then zero cooks is a preservative. (4%)
  • ..so just serve 'take out' (4%)
  • ..try the fish (4%)
  • ..Give them all their own pot and have a cook-off instead! (4%)
  • ..I told you not to add frogs breath (4%)
  • ..draw numbers, first one stays here, , rest is sent to my brothers to cook. (4%)
  • ..make something else. (4%)
  • ..ALRIGHT !! dinner out on the cooks. Don't like broth anyway. (4%)
  • ..Put them to work chopping vegetables! (4%)
  • ..The government would hire a panel of more cooks to figure out where they went wrong. (4%)
  • ..Kick the ones out that spoil it. You need elbow room!! (4%)
  • ..stay calm and carry on (0%)
  • ..then why is mine so bad when nobody helps? (0%)
  • ..Eeks expire (0%)
  • ..Punish them by making them eat it; then they will never want to spoil it again. (0%)
  • ..Then let them eat cake! (0%)
  • ..Let the microwave do the cooking (0%)
  • ..Then imagine what a mother-in-law can do to the turkey! (0%)
Votes: 27
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