Don't Pug Me, I'm Celebrating
Don't Pug Me, I'm Celebrating

Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • Mind if I pug you and give you a New Year's hug? (15%)
  • With a face like this who cares what year it is. (13%)
  • I should have my dignity back by February... just in time for the Cupid outfit! (9%)
  • Some people call it pimped out, I simply call it pugged out! (9%)
  • My New Year's resolution is to find a new hairstylist. (7%)
  • Yup, that's what 2020 turned into. Better luck with 2021. (7%)
  • Baby New Year, eat your heart out.... (4%)
  • year of the bad wig (4%)
  • please no more ive had enough (4%)
  • What did you expect, it's 2020 isn't it!! (4%)
  • You say that Lassie's career began doing similarly shameful things? (4%)
  • Shirley Temple again, really..........going to go sulk (2%)
  • Every year I grow lot older and lot less wiser (2%)
  • Myk mama told me i looked real cute. that is all she said! (2%)
  • A new year filled with good things around the twists and turns (2%)
  • I wish Little Tree would make a New Year resolution to NOT dress up the pug again! (2%)
  • Would someone please take this silly wig off me? (2%)
  • OK who did this to me while I was having a Pug nap? (2%)
  • Got my hair all dids and looking pretty, now where's the party? (2%)
  • who wants to celebrate new year with me? (2%)
  • Every year I learn and pray 4 a better year than 2020 (0%)
Votes: 46
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