The New Years Eve Party Was So Loud
The New Years Eve Party Was So Loud

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..It woke up Baby New Year 2025! (16%)
  • ..the airport next door called in a noise complaint. (13%)
  • ..I had to leave well before midnight with a massive headache before I'd even touched a drop of alcohol. Grrr! (10%)
  • ..HOW LOUD WAS IT?? (10%)
  • ..Planet Mars could hear the music (6%)
  • ..that it was reported in China as a magnitude 6.7 earthquake. (6%)
  • ..Auld Lang Syne was blaring and people were blowing noise makers and banging pots to ring in the New Year. (6%)
  • ..I think I might have closed a poll by mistake (6%)
  • ..So that everyone quarantined in their owns homes could hear the music. (6%)
  • ..that it killed the entire virus population! (6%)
  • ..that no one heard the firecrackers going off outside (3%)
  • ..I left and tried to start a more subdued party on the Pony Up! board... see.....(Unknown post) (3%)
  • ..My ear plugs didn't even work and they always work. (3%)
  • ..that my pet fish could not sleep. (3%)
  • ..The New Years Eve party was so loud, my scarecrow's ears EXPLODED! (0%)
  • ..And yelled it higher u hear that (0%)
Votes: 31
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