which pun is the best?
which pun is the best?

Poll assigned to board: Jest for Puns

  • What do you call a bunch of Barbies in line? A barbecue (24%)
  • Getting my toy drone stuck in the tree isnít the worst thing that happened to me today. But itís definitely up there. (24%)
  • I remember when Barbie was the only girl made of plastic (14%)
  • He had asked for a Japanese car for Christmas, but his parents gave him a toy Yoda. (14%)
  • Hear about the new divorced Barbie? She comes will all of Ken's stuff. (10%)
  • I went in to a toyshop once, only to find it wasn't a toy shop at all, it was a real shop. (5%)
  • What beer do the cast of Toy Story drink? Buzz Light. (5%)
  • I went to a Board Game themed Fancy Dress competition, but knew I wasnít going to win as my Monopoly themed outfit was incomplete. I had no chance -..... or Community Chest. (5%)
Votes: 21
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