Christmas Greetings
Christmas Greetings

Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • ..Oh Deer what a year! And now I'm out of beer! Beer Toast (30%)
  • ..Merry CHRISTmas with Love, Joy & Peace, as you walk in GOD'S Love! May the New Year be bright, with the old out of sight! Praying New Love to fill each Heart & Blessings from the start! (24%)
  • ..May you be blessed with "positive vision" to see the good through all the chaos: Cheery Optimism, & Vibrant, Idyllic Discoveries…and an endless supply of toilet paper. (12%)
  • ..Have a Holly jolly Covid free Christmas (9%)
  • ..Yes, we’re still home for the holidays. Hope you have a cozy family Christmas and a quarantine-free New Year. (9%)
  • ..Merry Christmas to you, Happy New Year as well time to tell 2020 to go to hell (6%)
  • ..May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! (6%)
  • ..Ho, ho, ho, to some Christmas cheer! Now onto Baby New Year! (3%)
Votes: 33
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