My Cat Ate Santa's Milk and Cookies
My Cat Ate Santa's Milk and Cookies

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..I shouldn't have used the catnip spice (100%)
  • ..But left the carrot for Rudolph (0%)
  • ..My dog is waiting by the litter box for his share. (0%)
  • ..He heard Santa was lactose intolerant. (0%)
  • ..Favorite cookies (0%)
  • ..So, I gave Santa a sandwich and a Pepsi. You don't want to hear Santa having gas in the fireplace. (0%)
  • ..I don't know why you did that, Do you think Santa would eat out of your bowl?? naughty cat. (0%)
  • ..But, but, santa's on a diet I was helping him out (0%)
  • ..And my dog slobbered on and chewed apart my Wish List letter that I left for him! Crying (0%)
  • ..because I got the dishes confused and put the milk and cookies in the cat food bowls and the cat food on the dishes meant for Santa. Duh! (0%)
Votes: 1
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