Santa Claus is Coming to Town and
Santa Claus is Coming to Town and

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..Bringing hand sanitizer and toilet paper for all (limit one no matter how good you've been)! (17%)
  • ..He's washing his hands He's wearing a mask You don't have to sit on his lap just to ask If Santa Clause has Covid-19 (10%)
  • ..He's flying over head to avoid the gov. lockdown and surprise all the good little girls & boys. (10%)
  • ..he will be there on January 8th because he has to quarantine 14 days on arrival. (10%)
  • ..he's wearing a Rudolph face mask! (7%)
  • ..He's checking his list, He's wearing his mask, He knows who's been infected or missed He won't need to ask! (7%)
  • ..And he's not going to care if you have Covid or not because He's in and out of the chimney like a flash. (7%)
  • ..and so is my Aunt, (I would rather see Santa) (7%)
  • ..He’ll be on a monitor near you! (7%)
  • ..Only coming into the town of Iceland due to Quarantine. (3%)
  • that means that the season when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money is at hand. (3%)
  • ..I believe! He will be here. (3%)
  • ..we're going out for a beer (and he's buying Winking 1 ) (3%)
  • ..List to do before he is here, #1 remember to put the fire out in the fireplace, remember last year. (3%)
  • ..Eeks ekks hurry up and go away virus (0%)
Votes: 29
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