The Catnip Made Me Do It
The Catnip Made Me Do It

Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • The DOG did it, REALLY, he is always trying to put the blame on me, REALLY. (12%)
  • Did you feel that earthquake? (9%)
  • It fell all by itself. It was the gust of wind 'air' when you opened the door.... Really. (7%)
  • Grandpa was running through the house with the leaf blower again. (7%)
  • I knew that Elf on a Shelf was up to NO Good. look what he did and then blamed it on me. (7%)
  • I thought it needed an angel on top, was only trying to help What! I'm not going to get any of my presents now?!?! (7%)
  • Honest, there was a squirrel inside the tree, I saw him (5%)
  • I'm telling you, the Santa Squirrel was in the tree, he was daring me! (5%)
  • It just fainted!! (5%)
  • "Aw!, C'Mon!!" (5%)
  • I was taking a nap under the tree and all I remember was hearing Johnny snickering and bam, down goes the tree and on top of me too. Do I have any scratches? It was scary I thought I was going to die!!!!! (5%)
  • What do you mean, it's a CATastrophe???!! (5%)
  • I was just helping the Grinch (2%)
  • The room just tipped up (2%)
  • I thought I saw Tweety Pie. (2%)
  • Mom, why would you put up a lopsided tree? It scared me something awful when it fell over all on it's own! (2%)
  • Was looking for my present, Not in the tree! Where is it? (2%)
  • So sorry Mom....I was just climbing to the top to hang one of my stuffed toys on the tree (2%)
  • That Elf on the Shelf is real! (2%)
  • I don't know how the tree got knocked over! It just barely missed me! It was scary! (2%)
  • I had to jump the orange peel was under tree (2%)
  • Well maybe one swipe at the tree, what's the worst that can happen. (2%)
  • Just trying to help - now you can get the other side of the tree! (0%)
  • please understand, I love to climb trees. (0%)
  • I thought I seen all the elf's (0%)
  • I must have been sleep-walking! (0%)
Votes: 43
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