Social Media is Like a Poorly Written Diary
Social Media is Like a Poorly Written Diary

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..and selfies that make you look like a fish (16%)
  • ..that should remain unread. (12%)
  • ..consisting of humans' obsession of documenting and sharing their daily activities and need to reflect upon them. (12%)
  • ..With no end in sight (12%)
  • ..with all the pages that make you look bad torn out (8%)
  • ..Every status update begins with Dear Facebook. (8%)
  • ..composed entirely of self-absorbed posts and tweets. (8%)
  • ..made even worse when read by and commented on by those with compromised cerebral abilities. (8%)
  • ..The entries are embellished to make it sound more interesting. (4%)
  • ..with a broken lock, left on a bus traveling to nowhere (4%)
  • ..That goes on, and on, and on, about poor poor me. (4%)
  • ..Yes.....Just follow the Kardashian's (4%)
  • ..Hopefully those sentences will fit the crime. (0%)
Votes: 25
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