If You See a Man Running From a Tiger
If You See a Man Running From a Tiger

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..In the words of Snagglepuss "Exit, stage left!" (20%)
  • ..It's because the man ate the tiger's Frosted Flakes and.... They're Grreat! (17%)
  • ..upload that video to social media, I want to see too... (10%)
  • ..You'd better run faster than the man because the tiger will grab the last one (7%)
  • ..don't stop him, he does not have time to listen to the end of your joke. (7%)
  • ..Jet lis next film Running man hidden tiger (3%)
  • ..get the heck out of the way! (3%)
  • ..it can only be because you are facing the wrong way & not running even faster. (3%)
  • ..he must be wearing Lady Gaga's meat dress. (3%)
  • ..Throw a hunk of meat in the opposite direction from the man and yourself, while facing the tiger back away slowly and get somewhere high up if possible, lions love a good chase. (3%)
  • ..Not again, Elektra come back here this instant, how in the world did you get out this time, I told you time and again man is not the enemy. (3%)
  • ..might as well bend over and kiss your butt go byeLOL (3%)
  • ..I'll give you odds of two to one on the tiger. (3%)
  • ..Open the other door. It has the Lady. (3%)
  • ..The tiger must have a bone to pick with him. (3%)
  • ..it's because Carol Baskin gave the order for the chase (3%)
  • ..Run forest run (3%)
  • ..I'll have a $100 on the tiger (0%)
  • ..Run to get help.....in the opposite direction. (0%)
  • ..Then turn back around and keep running being sure he stays behind you. (0%)
Votes: 30
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