I Quit Therapy Because
I Quit Therapy Because

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..after therapy I discovered that yes, I am a quitter. (15%)
  • ..The voice in my head told me to (12%)
  • ..He kept waking me up from my nap (9%)
  • ..the therapist started using the couch for his nap time. (6%)
  • ..Because the therapist had more problems than me. (6%)
  • ..I can!! Smiling (6%)
  • ..Because Nurse Emma was absent from the mental ward. Sad (6%)
  • ..my other two personalities won't go. (6%)
  • ..My therapist didn't understand me. (6%)
  • ..I was Frank Spencer and I am a failure (3%)
  • ..my friends here are all I need. (3%)
  • ..All I need is GoldToken and the squirrel's and all of the GT family and I'll be alright. (3%)
  • ..The therapist refused to lie down to hear my problems! (3%)
  • ..They suggested that I quit goldtoken (3%)
  • ..there is absolutely no helping me! (3%)
  • ..I retired and things are going fine now (3%)
  • ..Because I was happy in my own crazy little world and decided to stay where I was at. Falling (3%)
  • ..Because the therapist said I was too crazy to help. (3%)
  • ..I ran out of spare change (0%)
  • ..my analyst was trying to help me behind my back! (0%)
  • ..the therapist was secretly out to get me. (0%)
  • ..we is cured (0%)
Votes: 33
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