You're Barking Up the Wrong Tree
You're Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..There are no mail-in ballots up there. (17%)
  • ..The cat's over there! (13%)
  • ..THAT is a car freshener! (10%)
  • ..Spending too much time on the problems and not the solution. (10%)
  • ..You should be howling at the moon (7%)
  • ..Next thing you know, you'll be chasing your tail (7%)
  • ..If you are climbing up a weeping willow tree. (7%)
  • I was definitely barking up the wrong tree when I asked my boyfriend to pick out a dress for my office party. He has horrible taste. (3%)
  •'s a telegraph pole (3%)
  • ..we don't go after GoldToken Squirrel's (3%)
  • ..Come back Fido, that's a cat in the tree, (bobcat) (3%)
  • ..Badger isn't up this tree yet, only the GT squirrels. (3%)
  • ..the Dogwood tree is over there... (3%)
  • ..But that's ok. I'm slating down the wrong Sherpa. (3%)
  • ..unless you Did want the poison sumac! (3%)
  • ..that's a cat tree, not a dog tree. (3%)
Votes: 30
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