Soups On Caption
Soups On Caption

Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • Uummm excuse us, but dishes can wait, we're all hungry, we are ready to be fed now!! (16%)
  • Oh look, the humans are up and moving around in their cage, quick someone get a camera. (11%)
  • Ok, we rounded up the Chickens, when's dinner? (9%)
  • Hey was that our friend Tom the turkey she just put in that pot? (9%)
  • Wait! Is that your delicious chicken and dumplings you're making? (7%)
  • Let us in so we can help you. (5%)
  • Can't you do the dishes after you feed us? I'm about to faint I'm so hungry. (5%)
  • Wait for it, wait for it... everyone put their cute face on, she can't resist!!! (5%)
  • I can't believe that we're waiting in line with ... the chickens ... How embarassing (5%)
  • Hey, you in there? Its past our feeding time. (5%)
  • Have they called the vote result in Georgia yet? (5%)
  • Oh no not trudy, and I know one of you two ate her last egg this morning. (5%)
  • Fish & corn kibble to go, please! (5%)
  • Can we mess up some more dishes for ya (2%)
  • What! You mean you already had lunch? (2%)
  • By having these two chickens here. We can scratch the rumours that we are chickens. (2%)
  • No need to wash the dishes, I can clean them for you. (2%)
  • Let us in, we need to be closer to the counting! (2%)
  • That can wait, Come out to play with us! (0%)
Votes: 44
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