I've Got a Frog in My Throat
I've Got a Frog in My Throat

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..And now I am going to croak! (18%)
  • ..and I'm in alot of trouble if he turns into a prince! (12%)
  • ..and whenever I open my mouth he croaks and people think I'm weird. (9%)
  • ..and now I croak when I sing and hop when I hiccup (9%)
  • ..nope, it was a hairball (6%)
  • ..and a foot in my mouth. (6%)
  • ..But I sound like a horse (6%)
  • ..And a leap in my step. (6%)
  • ..and you should see what's in my ear! (3%)
  • ..so I've baited my mouth with flies. (3%)
  • ..And potatoes in my ears (3%)
  • ..Or else I would have called you earlier. (3%)
  • ..Now when I cough I go ribbit ribbit (3%)
  • ..and Toads in my nose. (3%)
  • ..and a tadpole too! (3%)
  • ..Well, the legs anyway... fried! (3%)
  • ..if so, why am I the one chocking?? (3%)
  • ..That's no fun hope u clear it soon (0%)
  • ..and tadpoles in my duodenum. (0%)
Votes: 33
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