I Was Bitten by the Green Eyed Monster
I Was Bitten by the Green Eyed Monster

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..but luckily this saved me from the one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' purple people eater. (16%)
  • ..it was my Mother-In-Law (13%)
  • ..And envy started to burn inside of me! (10%)
  • ..And now I have a new Lamborghini I cant afford (10%)
  • ..well, sometimes I give the brussel sprouts to the dog, but only if no one is looking. (6%)
  • ..and I bit him back (6%)
  • ..So I turned around and bit him back and he turned around and started crying. (6%)
  • ..and that is what makes me green with envy. (6%)
  • ..Then the green eyed monster walked a way with two black eyes. (3%)
  • ..And this hazel eyed monster turned around and bit him right back! (3%)
  • ..And now I can't stop dancing the Monster Mash (3%)
  • ..While riding in a one wheeled car (3%)
  • ..and now I eat all my greens, no throwing them Brussels Sprouts out. (3%)
  • ..It hurt (3%)
  • ..Now I am the jolly green giant (3%)
  • ..Now I have this incredible urge to bite into a lime! (3%)
  • ..And I was JEALOUS of her luscious overbite. (0%)
  • ..Than I turned green and was sick as can be. (0%)
Votes: 31
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