If You Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
If You Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..You will end up with scrambled eggs (13%)
  • ..that will free up your other baskets for your basket case GoldToken friends. (10%)
  • ..Hard-boil them, they'll keep longer and there won't be any accidents. (10%)
  • ..your arm might get tired and you'll drop the basket. (10%)
  • ..it's better for the environment (7%)
  • ..DIVERSIFY! (7%)
  • ..Because you may become a basket case (7%)
  • ..without taking out Toto first. (7%)
  • ..Don't put anything on top of 'em! (3%)
  • ..then don't be surprised when the Easter Bunny steals them all back. (3%)
  • ..you'd better keep the basket away from that dirty old egg suckin' hound. (3%)
  • ..You will end up with a scrambled egg basket (3%)
  • ..Just don't trip and fall or it will be a eggy mess. (3%)
  • ..Where will Little Red Rosenberg put the gefilte fish and chopped liver and soup with matzoh balls that grandma loves so much? (3%)
  • ..It just might have a hole in it! (3%)
  • ..Make sure they’re chocolate! (3%)
  • ..You could loose everything including the eggs (3%)
  • ..End up scramble eggs (0%)
  • ..make sure they're hard-boiled first (0%)
Votes: 30
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