I Was Working in My Lab Late One Night and
I Was Working in My Lab Late One Night and

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..the monsters were mashing, the bottles were crashing, and my arms started thrashing, as my lab they were trashing! (23%)
  • ..realised I wasn't the scientist, I was the test subject. (13%)
  • ..My eyes fell apun a eerie sight. (10%)
  • ..decided, I'm getting out of here and go play on GoldToken instead! (10%)
  • ..And Badger emerged as a monstrous site! (10%)
  • ..the chair I'm in says "Good Night". (7%)
  • ..Fall off the chair because I was so tired. (3%)
  • ..I got so upset with my computer that I flung my keyboard across the table. (3%)
  • ..I saw Draucla doing the Transylvania Twist, he couldn't dance, that was the scary part. (3%)
  • ..When I saw a set of big, black eyes winking at me...from the table...alone...without a head! (3%)
  • ..when the Ghost of Christmas Past met face to face with my Halloween Pumpkin (3%)
  • ..thought I really need a better work-life balance! (3%)
  • ..Then the next morn woke up smashed in the graveyard. (3%)
  • ..and all the lab animals escaped and wanted to take a bite! (3%)
  • ..When the bloody corpse we were working on started walking toward me calling my name. (0%)
  • ..A corpse emerged from nowhere, and I realised it was MY corpse! (0%)
Votes: 30
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