Halloweeen Night I Turned Around and Saw
Halloweeen Night I Turned Around and Saw

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..My wife without makeup!!! Aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhh. Frightened Falling (25%)
  • ..Children tonight dressed as witches, vampires and goblins, I'll tell you what gave me the wooliest scare, after hearing footsteps and turning around and jumping in fright over the thing that wasn't there!!! Boo...ooh... (14%)
  • ..The headless Goldie had found his head! EEEK! (11%)
  • ..Someone wearing a mask; but that's the new normal, isn't it? (11%)
  • ..myself on the edge of a bottomless pit . Ghost saying BOO (7%)
  • ..a Ghost saying Boo! RIP Happy Halloween! (7%)
  • ..A real life werewolf (4%)
  • ..myself in bed fast asleep covered in spiders and snakes. Spider Ghost saying BOO (4%)
  • ..Nothing as I was looking in a Looking in mirror Vampire (4%)
  • ..a Ghost saying BOO ghost and it ran after me. (4%)
  • FRANKENSTEIN coming after my Candy I Scream and ran home and Lock Door (4%)
  • ..Someone 3 feet away not wearing a mask!!! (4%)
  • .. My wife following me with her Easter basket (4%)
  • ..turned and Spider and seen a Blue Moon got scared and ran into the house (0%)
Votes: 28
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