My Halloween Was So Scary
My Halloween Was So Scary

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..I scared myself when I looked in the mirror! (26%)
  • ..the coronavirus saw me and put on a mask! (19%)
  • ..People turned the lights off and lock their doors as they saw me approaching. (11%)
  • ..Nobody would come trick or treating with me. (11%)
  • ..I heard bones rattling underground when I walked near the cemetery. (11%)
  • ..I had to put it on in a dark room (7%)
  • ..Even Oogie Boogie was quaking! (7%)
  • ..I got an offer to act the part of Bride of Frankenstein II (4%)
  • ..The doors I went to thought I was a real vampire (4%)
  • ..My dog was going in circles (0%)
Votes: 27
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