I'm Not a Happy Camper - Caption Me Please
I'm Not a Happy Camper - Caption Me Please

Poll assigned to board: Pony Up!

  • If I don't win this October contest, the Candy will HIT the fan!!!!! GOT IT? (15%)
  • All I wanted was a Kit Kat bar...! (10%)
  • I told them I wanted to be a Flying white horse this year (5%)
  • Satanic 🐈 of Ozzy Osbourne. (5%)
  • Who came up with this idea giving candy to kids! (5%)
  • OK, I am just going to sit here and ruin your day! (5%)
  • The dog has the Covid virus, so they made me wear this stupid costume. (5%)
  • Do you really want this candy that bad? (5%)
  • OK, I'm stuck here, the least you could have done was put some CAT TREATS in this stupid bowl Sad (5%)
  • OK punks, I've had my claws sharpened front and back, do you feel lucky to try? (5%)
  • Touch one, and you're dead! (5%)
  • Yeah - just you TRY and take one and see what you get! (3%)
  • I'm going to scare kids away with this outfit and will never get rid of this candy, so I can ditch this scene and take my nap...I told them to get me a cute costume. (3%)
  • Smell your what?? (3%)
  • I don't get paid to do this (3%)
  • OH NO, I ate to much candy and my belly hurts! (3%)
  • I sure didnt sign up for this, i do my own thing (3%)
  • I dare you to take any of my candy (3%)
  • that's when they told me the candy was not for me. (3%)
  • Bah Humbug...Treat THIS! (3%)
  • Call me Devil cat one more time! (3%)
  • Go ahead, take two. See what happens! (3%)
  • Sure not going 2 that house scary (0%)
  • Where's the Tuna!?! (0%)
  • Yes! Im the one they call "Devil 'Cat", want to try me! (0%)
  • i dare u take even 1 piece of my candy (0%)
Votes: 39
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