It's Football Season So I'm
It's Football Season So I'm

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..grabbing the snacks and putting my feet up. Bring me a drink please. (22%)
  • ..expecting to see stadiums with 0 to 25% fan capacity, with some having cardboard cutout fans and pumping in crowd noises...the "new norm!?!?" (15%)
  • ..not to be bothered all day Sunday or Monday night either! (11%)
  • ..So I am off to a tropical island. (7%)
  • ..still watching Baseball! (7%)
  • ..Could care less as they are disrespectful. (7%)
  • ..I agree, not watching. (7%)
  • ..struggling to find something else to watch on tv. (7%)
  • ..Stuck on my couch until February (7%)
  • ..starting my Christmas shopping. (4%)
  • ..going to hibernate for the duration. (4%)
Votes: 27
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