We're Not in Kansas Anymore
We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..We must be somewhere over the rainbow. (14%)
  • ..No toto unfortunately due to covid we have to stay in the land of Oz (10%)
  • ..We're in the twilight zone! Crazy (10%)
  • ..and I don't care. (10%)
  • ..I just saw a flying... what is that? A monkey... It's a flying monkey! (10%)
  • ..so why is there a house on top of me? (10%)
  • ..“How can you be sure?” “Because I see trees and hills!” (7%)
  • ..All we are is Dust in the Wind, Everything is Dust in the Wind. (7%)
  • ..Open your eyes, we are not in Kanas anymore. (7%)
  • ..That explains all these Munchkins in my front yard. (3%)
  • ..We are now in Texas and look at the size of the Jackalope (3%)
  • ..but it doesn’t really matter, does it? (3%)
  • ..The Wizard is riding a motorcycle (3%)
  • ..But wherever we are, Toto, I'm blown away by the scenery. (0%)
Votes: 29
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