Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..the sheep were sheeping, the cows were cowing, and the dogs were, well, dogging! (0%)
  • ..The three amigos were celebrating their birthday. (0%)
  • ..The rustlers stole the steers and all are enjoying a steak tonight (0%)
  • ..The rustlers were trying to steal the cattle, but old Jake the dog, barked and grabbed hold of the one's pants leg, waking up the entire house and Grandpa coming out with the shotgun. (0%)
  • ..The GoldTokeners play on (0%)
  • ..Here comes Lassie, what is it girl... the missing GT squirrels, they're trapped in the well....oh no! (0%)
  • ..Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott were having a show down over Doritos...Cool Ranch, no doubt. (0%)
  • ..LittleTree is busy trying to think up new sentences & contests for our enjoyment! (0%)
  • ..There was a tap on the window ... what a silly place to put a tap. (0%)
  • ..Someone is putting horns on the Pink Cadillac (0%)
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