If you try to keep up with the Jones'
If you try to keep up with the Jones'

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..You won't be able to afford your GoldToken membership renewal. (15%)
  • ..you will look good being broke (10%)
  • ..Make sure you change your last name to Jones too (10%)
  • ..Your new address will be 000 Under-Pass Way (10%)
  • ..You'll end up behind them in the bread line. (10%)
  • ..It is easier if they are destitute! (10%)
  • ..they will just go buy a larger TV. (5%)
  • ..the Smiths will pass you both up. (5%)
  • ..you are making a big mistake -- keep up with Gates's instead! (5%)
  • ..You'll end up in debt, having things others wanted, then keeping within your means and buying things that give you personal joy. (5%)
  • ..better off using their credit card than your own! (5%)
  • ..then you’ll probably notice that they are frantically trying to keep up with you. (5%)
  • ..the Hatfields and the McCoys will fly right by ya! (5%)
Votes: 20
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