A Balanced Diet Means
A Balanced Diet Means

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • ..a cupcake in both hands! (23%)
  • ..is having choc for breakfast if you want it. and a salad for supper. (15%)
  • ..I have to ‘scale’ back on the food (8%)
  • ..you won't break the high wire. (8%)
  • ..Equal parts of the food groups and Oreos. (8%)
  • .. a beer in each hand. (8%)
  • ..making sure I have my five a day - five cakes that is. (8%)
  • ..Eating a juicy double cheeseburger and adding a diet Coke so you don't get fat. (4%)
  • ..To have a scale ready to weigh two burgers to see if they weigh the same. (4%)
  • ..A chocolate brownie with fudge icing on both hands. (4%)
  • ..balancing a hot fudge sundae in one hand and a dozen doughnuts in the other, while riding a unicycle. (4%)
  • ..You have to choose between your favorite foods and healthy foods. (4%)
  • ..you have to choose between cheese puffs or potato chips. (4%)
Votes: 26
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