Monday-Wednesday-Friday sentences
Monday-Wednesday-Friday sentences

Poll assigned to board: Word of the Day

  • 16. Giant Gila Monster goes grocery shopping to buy groceries to grill for wife Greta and grandkids. Made a Greek salad, while group sipped Gatorade and swam in in-ground pool. Afterwards all played games, giggling and had a great time! (33%)
  • 1.Candy Cane Kaz kissed each of kittens. Before cashing in on her candy canes. (25%)
  • 2. Iíve told you a million times! Donít exaggerate! (8%)
  • 6. pepperbeach picked up pebbles and put them in a pewter pot prior to picking pink petunias to put in with the pebbles. I don't know why she did this. (8%)
  • 8. Yes I do have eyes in the back of my head. (8%)
  • 14. While I was sitting outside, I heard a wolf howl in the distance. (8%)
  • 17. Watson watches whales while whistling in the wind. (8%)
  • 3. You can hear the cows mooing off in a distance while grazing in the pasture. (0%)
  • 4. The hummingbird was "humming" around the bird feeder wondering why I had not filled it. (0%)
  • 5. The groceries I carried in from the car weighed a ton so it took a long time to accomplish. (0%)
  • 7. If my parents catch me going to the concert, they are definitely going to ground me for life. (0%)
  • 9. A pleasure I retain from childhood is shuffling through a fresh pile of autumn leaves. (0%)
  • 10. It took me forever to find my car keys. (0%)
  • 11. My feet are killing me. (0%)
  • 12. Absolutely always avoid annoying alliteration, Acedog (0%)
  • 13. At Halloween, I prefer the boo of a ghost over the cackle of a witch. (0%)
  • 15. I am so Hungry I can eat a horse. (0%)
  • 18. I heard a Bark from the neighborhood dog. (0%)
Votes: 12
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