Monday-Wednesday-Friday sentences
Monday-Wednesday-Friday sentences

Poll assigned to board: Word of the Day

  • 6. The one show at the amusement park was a phantasmagoria of optical illusions that kept everyone's undivided attention, you could hear a pin drop. (15%)
  • 10. There was a placid when lake Placid came out. (15%)
  • 20. Many medications in today's world may cause phantasmagoria so all users should be well informed of the possible side effects. (15%)
  • 3. Seems some people are so placid that people do not understand them. (8%)
  • 4. Even a minor ripple could not perturb the placid water of the mountain lake. (8%)
  • 7. While waiting in the parked car for my son, the 100 heat and high humidity caused me to become so placid when the lady hit the rear end of the car, that I thought it was a phantasmagoria. (8%)
  • 8. The efflorescence of the roses in her garden brought the anticipation of a bouquet to place in her favorite vase. (8%)
  • 17. My favorite Season is Spring when the Efflorescence shows everywhere. Such beauty! (8%)
  • 18. The World today seems like Phantasmagoria with the virus and everything else that's happening. (8%)
  • 19. Rainfall abundance in early spring leads directly to the efflorescence of the following month, so "April showers bring May flowers". (8%)
  • 1. My whole life is a phantasmagoria, and I have lost touch with reality. (0%)
  • 2. There so much efflorescence on the walls it looks tacky!! (0%)
  • 5. Because all of my flowers in my garden are beginning the efflorescence process; they need extra tender, loving care. (0%)
  • 9. Even though the department store was overly crowded on Black Friday, the workers remained placid and rang the customers items up with a smile. (0%)
  • 11. The look of the efflorescence of the flowers in the field at the start of Spring was a sight to behold. (0%)
  • 12. The slide show on genocides worldwide was a phantasmagoria that she would truly like to forget seeing but never will. (0%)
  • 13. The baby was so placid the new mom was worried and rushed her to the doctor. (0%)
  • 14. My seedlings were starting to efflorescence at the start of the season (0%)
  • 15. While I was sleeping my dream was phantasmagoria (0%)
  • 16. The sloth appears to be a very placid animal. (0%)
Votes: 13
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