My Worse Fear About Becoming a Zombie
My Worse Fear About Becoming a Zombie

Poll assigned to board: Paraprosdokian Sentences

  • being mistaken for a politician. (17%)
  • that no one will notice. (8%)
  • all the walking (8%)
  • ..There will not be enough brains to eat (8%)
  • ..I would have to change my diet (8%)
  • ..No fear, since there are no such things as zombies. (8%)
  • ..Is nothing because I love horror Brains (4%)
  • ..Your breath! (4%)
  • ..Is that my ears will fall off (4%)
  • ..Existing through eternity in that state and not dying. (4%)
  • getting stuck eating my mother-in-laws brains. (4%)
  • ..what it's going to do to my insurance rates. (4%)
  • ..I will have to get all new makeup (4%)
  • that I just hate being like everyone else. (4%)
  • ..Is that I will have perpetual "Bad Hair Day." (4%)
  • ..My worst Fear about becoming a Zombie is that I will have to wear the same clothes for the rest of my life.. Yuck. (4%)
  • ..Life won't change so no fear here (0%)
Votes: 24
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