Monday-Wednesday-Friday sentences
Monday-Wednesday-Friday sentences

Poll assigned to board: Word of the Day

  • 3. We repeat the Pledge of Allegiance to inculcate the goal of "Liberty and Justice for All". (20%)
  • 5. If you're looking for an exemplar as a role model, get acquainted with a Bible(KJV), you'll find a great one in there. (20%)
  • 1. In order to write a book, one has to become erudite in the subject of what they are writing. (10%)
  • 2. The Instructor says he will inculcate David to open the Green Door every day. (10%)
  • 9. The values my grandmother and mother tried to inculcate in me during my childhood has been tested, tried and true. (10%)
  • 10. Bill Gates, who donated a lot of his money towards research on the coronavirus, is an exemplar of a generous philanthropist. (10%)
  • 14. The coaches tried to inculcate cheerfulness into the game even though it was raining. (10%)
  • 15. The instructor Inculcate me all day. (10%)
  • 4. The more erudite the topic, the less likely it is to be broadcast on the major television networks. (0%)
  • 6. Dr. Fauci is a great exemplar of how to lead in a medical crisis. (0%)
  • 7. The tyrants inculcated the phrase conspiracy theory into citizens minds to prevent them from believing the truth! (0%)
  • 8. I try to inculcate a sense of good values into my children. (0%)
  • 11. Albert Einstein showed great Erudite knowledge (0%)
  • 12. Mary, who was given a scholarship to study abroad in Egypt for 2 years, became erudite in anthropology. (0%)
  • 13. His reputation was such an exemplar in the neighborhood that neighbors were shocked when he was arrested for the burglaries they experienced. (0%)
  • 16. The violinist showed exemplary talent on stage. (0%)
  • 17. This is an example of a Examplar. (0%)
Votes: 10
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